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The two Patricks

11 March 2024

It was Etienne Cousein who told me; do you know Patrick Koch? And to my reply that I didn’t, he said he would put me in touch with him. “You can get along!” was his statement.So it happened…We first met...


Proud to present our new website

27 September 2023

Every now and then I think about what I can do differently and what I should keep the same. The website of my company GPP Support … well … that could use a remake.Over the past few months, I have...


Patrick van Oirschot will chair the 2023 3D Pharma Printing day

18 September 2023

Patrick van Oirschot will chair the 2023 3D Pharma Printing day Patrick van Oirschot will moderate the 3D Pharma Printing day during the 2023 edition of the 3D Medical Conference on 28 November. Click here for the programma.


Design and realisation of setup for new hospital pharmacy

8 August 2023

Aim GPP Support received a request to handle the design and realisation of the setup of the hospital pharmacy for a hospital to be newly built. The move from the old to the new location also formed part of this....


Consultant in setup of a new pharmacy concept

18 July 2023

Aim For the restart of a subsidiary activity of a hospital pharmacy, one of GPP Support’s partners was asked to conceive a completely new pharmacy concept in a new business. The new pharmacy concept has the aim of providing an...


Setup and anchoring of iso-certified quality system at pharmaceutical wholesaler

22 April 2023

Aim From a wholesaler, one of GPP Support’s partners received the request to set up an ISO-certifiable quality system and then to implement it. Anchoring of continuous monitoring and adjustment of the quality system were important spearheads in this. Approach...


Development of management training for hospital pharmacists

11 February 2023

Aim GPP Support developed a management training course for the specific target group of hospital pharmacists. Our role in this development process was the management programme. Approach The approach for the development of the management training course comprised: Result The...


Strategic advice about entry into a new market segment for pharmaceutical wholesaler

12 July 2022

Is entry into a new market segment the right and successful strategy for us? This is the question that GPP Support received from a pharmaceutical wholesaling organisation. Aim The primary attention points in the consultancy commission from the pharmaceutical wholesaler...


Strategic reorientation of pharmaceutical care at large mhc addiction care institution

8 July 2022

By commission of a large MHC addiction care institution, one of GPP Support’s partners advised the Board and medical staff in a strategic reorientation of the pharmaceutical care and methadone provision. Aim The aim was to develop a new model...

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GPP Support’s partners have worked for hospitals and care institutions, extramurals, knowledge institutes and different types of industries.