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Asclepius: International Network of Closed Loop Medication Management Experts

6 May 2024

Meet the visionaries promoting the transformation of medication management across Europe

The Asclepius Project is an initiative dedicated to accelerate the transition from traditional manual and analog processes to innovative, digital, and automated medication management in hospitals across Europe.

Our goal is to improve patient safety, reducing adverse drug events, and improving operational efficiencies. By fostering collaboration among a pan-European network of hospital pharmacy experts, the project seeks to harmonize best practices, share knowledge, and drive the adoption of cutting-edge technologies in hospital pharmacies.


Our mission

“We are dedicated to the advancement of safe, secure, and efficientmedication management. Our international network of experts embodies the spirit of collaboration and innovation across Europe.”

Meet the experts

Francine de Stoppelaar

Experienced Hospital Chief Pharmacist

25+ years in leadership within healthcare, across public and private sectors, lastly at Cleveland Clinic London.
Global Experience: Worked in UK, USA, Netherlands, UAE healthcare systems.
Achievements: Led the operational activation and implementation of the UK’s first fully automated Closed Loop Medicines Optimisation model at Cleveland Clinic London. Recognized with Cleveland Clinic CEO team award and Team Innovation award; nominated for UK’s Laing Buisson Innovation award.
Qualifications: Doctor of Pharmacy, Honorary Associate Professorship at The University of Leicester; MSc in Clinical Pharmacology, Utrecht & Maastricht University; Associate at Deloitte UK, completed a Business Administration Certificate at Warwick Business School and a Digital Transformation Leadership module at Harvard Medical School.

Patrick Koch

Founder & CEO of Peka Consulting

Experience: 20 years in digital transformation of medical imaging, contributing to global radiology departments.
Journey: Transitioned to hospital pharmacy industry with Swisslog Healthcare to innovate medication management.
Aim: To advance medication management into the 21st century through digitization and automation.

Patrick van Oirschot

Founder & managing partner of GPP Support

Education: Master of Science in Econometrics, Tilburg University; Executive programs in Supply Chain Management, INSEAD; Leadership, Nyenrode Business University.
Specializations: Supply and demand chain management, closed-loop medication systems, digital pharmaceutical care, 3D medicines printing, medication automation.
Focus: Enhancing management, leadership, medication safety, and innovation in pharmaceutical services.

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