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Project and programme management

Do you want to improve the efficiency of your pharmaceutical services? GPP Support is happy to help. As a consultancy, we offer you substantive project guidance within the pharmaceutical sector.

In a time of major changes and innovation, we assist hospital pharmacies with:

  • Implementing new processes
  • Introducing innovative solutions

Implementing new processes

We provide support in the event of organisational changes, financial challenges, or adjustments to legislation. For this, we analyse processes in particular. We ensure that employees are properly trained and have the right resources.

We are also regularly called in by hospital pharmacy suppliers, such as software and hardware vendors, to support them in implementing their products. In this process, we act as a bridge between them and their customers.

Complexity requires experience

Large and complex changes in hospitals often require long-term projects. As healthcare staff have relatively little experience in managing such projects, the help of us as external consultants with practical experience is often sought.

We not only help hospital pharmacies, but also community pharmacies in countries where new laws and regulations, obtaining subsidies and restructuring pose major challenges. Thanks to the knowledge and experience from different projects and countries, we can connect large organisations worldwide as a bridge builder.

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